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Avoiding Impotency (Erectile Dysfunction Problem)
Source: Author: tony_robb Published date: 2008-04-26  
Impotency is also known as Erectile Dysfunction is an inability to maintain an erection of penis or failure to keep an erection for a period of time, long enough to get sexual pleasure. Erectile Dysfunction can be usually observed in the cases of middle aged men; but sometimes it may appear during the period of sexual development of a man (from 14 till 16 years). Erectile Dysfunction is really a serious problem as men cant enjoy normal sex and their partners cant do that either. Sometimes that leads to serious troubles in relations and even divorce. Impotency is studied by a branch of urology called andrology.

Modern medicine knows a lot of reasons for ED appearance but all of them are divided into psychological and physiological. When impotency is caused by physiological problems then the blood flow in the penis is not strong enough to get or maintain an erection. It is necessary to know that erection has a hydraulic mechanism; that means that erection is gained by the increasing blood pressure in the penis and it, in its turn, is gained by moral sexual arousal of a man. Another physiological reason of ED is an inability to hold the blood flow that happens if a penis has low retention ability.

As said above, the majority of cases of impotency are of a psychological origin. Men frequently get psychological erectile dysfunction even after several misfires. People feel fear and anxieties and cant think of sex during such moments of life thereby gaining a strong psychological ED. But not all men know that 20% of misfires are quite normal for middle aged men. But when 50% of sexual intercourses fail then it is time to consult a doctor. Erection is gained by psychic sexual arousal of a man and this arousal starts a process of excessive blood flow in the penis. But it is impossible to have a successful intercourse when a man is thinking about something else. His head is busy by other thought processes leading to ED.
However men should not feel depressed as there are ways to curing an erectile dysfunction. It is essential to see how men face the problem of erectile dysfunction. Firstly, oral treatment is available through consulting any sex specialist. The specialist prescribes certain tablets that maintain an arousal level that leads to an erection. These tablets are taken at intervals during the day so as to maintain a strong sexual drive. Moreover these tablets can be taken just before a sexual intercourse so as to enable an immediate erection.
Secondly, Alprostadil is another form of treatment where a chemical can be injected into the penis just before a sexual intercourse. The benefits of this treatment are that the effects are immediate.

Thirdly, vacuum pumps are used to draw blood into the penis just before sexual intercourse. This method of treatment is safe and without any side-effects. Lastly, counseling is done in the realm of any psychological reasons for the dysfunction that is related to psychological problem.

Therefore men need not fear to face the problem of erectile dysfunction as there are various methods to cure it ranging from prescriptions to counseling. These methods guarantee a healthy sexual life for men.
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